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KÖSTER TPO Aqua for drinking water tanks

Waterproofing membrane for drinking water tanks

Aurich, July 2016: Based on the initiative of our International Sales Manager, Dr. Hugo Torres, our TPO R&D team has been working on a TPO membrane for drinking water tanks in the past months, which has now been completed. In the beginning of this month KÖSTER TPO Aqua has received the last necessary test certificates in order to be introduced to the market as a waterproofing membrane in drinking water environments.
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Sustainable Building with KÖSTER TPO Roofing Membranes

Stuttgart, 03.02.2016: During the Dach + Holz Exhibition in Stuttgart, the KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG was recognized by the IBU as a sustainable partner in construction for its roofing membranes. The certificate was awarded by Prof. Dr. Ing. Horst Bossenmayer, president of the IBU, to Managing Director, Dr. Dieter Köster.

In the future, tenders for sustainable projects can utilize information from KÖSTER TPO EPDs regarding the ecological footprint of TPO during the evaluation process of the roofing component and entire building. Unlike other roofing membranes, such as membranes from PVC, KÖSTER TPO membranes qualify for Gold, the highest certification status awarded by the IBU.

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14 years later - and KÖSTER TPO is still good as new

The excellent long term durability of KÖSTER TPO Membranes could be proven through a performance test after 14 years of weather exposure.


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Do you know...?

KÖSTER Resin Roller 150 mm

Short nap roller for applying thin coatings and sealers.



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